The smelly farrier!

Go Away! Off she trots...quite scared.                                            
Blue is hiding in the herd but sneaking closer, she comes over.

'My name is Bluebell, pretty flower.'  She is smiling and proud of this and images a bluebell.  She smells/tastes the reiki...'ooh tastes like green' (heart energy).  'My hooves too tight' there is also an ache up her legs to knee. 'Farrier man angry inside – he smell bad' (images skin pores). The day she reared she was very scared by the smell and he yanked her headcollar.

I'm picking up joint pain from fetlock and elbow then over shoulders. Her neck is sore on left side along crest to withers. I release tension at withers and work along spine, much ooohs and aahhs then giggles when I move over ribs. Loves getting her belly done and as her stomach gurgles she farts, and laughs.

There is a lot of tension in her pelvis which I release down her dock and pull her tail. Hips and stifles are quite badly seized (with some inflammation) so I work here releasing a lot of the tension. She's laughing because her legs feel wobbly.  As I release hocks and fetlocks she stretches each hind leg straight out the back. 

She trots off, nose to the ground then does a couple of big bucks/back kicks with strong tail swishes, then she trots back with neck arched all bright eyed and smiling. 'Feels good, thank you, I go?'  She's asking if she can go and enjoy how she feels, she says I 'can come back'.

According to her owner  "That's pretty amazing, I call Blue 'blue Lou-Lou belle' when I call her in, she has had two serious lami attacks in the time I've had her and is on restricted diet but it sounds like the damage is permanent, she is sound most of the time with no evidence of congestion in feet at trims but she really doesn't like the farrier and he does smell!! " JS, owner Exeter





My intention was to get on with the filing but as I picked up a folder of equine readings from 2014 I got lost in the memories.

There are nearly sixty horses featured in that file, from all over the UK, to Spain and Newfoundland.

There is wide cross section of horse breeds and ages including retired and retrained racers, family ponies, established show horses and cheeky youngsters.

In spite of that diversity many common threads weave through the readings. Here's a few things which stand out.


“Me. There is a me.”


No two personalities are the same there's the goofy, the aloof, the mischievous, the prim and everything inbetween. They know who they are as individuals and can develop a strong sense of self.


“I'm important”


They have an ego and can make qualitative choices about the future. They know what they want to look like and have a strong self image.


“I'm a sensible girl”


Their name is important to them and there are as many who dislike their name as do. Their name may be subtly different from what their human carer regularly uses. They may have a different name they use amongst themselves.


“so much pain in the world”


They experience every form and level of emotion from gut wrenching sadness to furious resentment, utter joy and deep all engulfing love.


“whee hee, I've got a big bum!”


They laugh. Mainly from pure happiness but they do have a sense of shared humour too amongst themselves and with humans. Some also 'sing' quietly to themselves and others enjoy hearing rhyme .

They become very connected to the location, the genus loci, of their space and environment. They know all the wild animals and birds who live there from the moles and rabbits to foxes and owls. They are of that world and know their place on planet Earth.


“Be here for me: it's not all about you.”


They make judgements about the quality of their care and the life they are leading. They have strong feelings for their owners and you don't have to know everything or own the latest gear to be the recipient of their love. You just have to care about them and show it in all the little ways.


“No one cared. We try so hard”


They are here to help humanity learn the joy of Life. The simple joy of the outdoors, the happiness of Nature. They love our children but think kids are too noisy and bossy.


“I'm me.”


They feel we hurry them in everyday handling, in training, when riding. They want more time to think about new things and for us to experience their natural pace. They time their lives by the moon.

They want us to tell them things in advance by sharing visual thought forms and emotion. They don't like surprises but will accept change graciously if given time to prepare and supported with positive intention.


“balls gone, never mind, no choice”


They know intuitively what humans are thinking or feeling. They can communicate telepathically over miles with those (horses and humans) they have a connection with.

They describe Reiki as feeling; ticklish, like cool water, green and fresh, and like human love. They all, each and every one of them, thank me for the help I can give them and many invite me back. Horses are desperate to be heard.


“Thank you for asking; no one asks, no one asks.”


“get this bloody rug off”


“good food here”


 You can download this article here:documents/2014filing.doc





        Pink and Green all over

He realises I'm there and comes stomping over walking right through me. He laughs and spins around as I build more energy which he can feel..WOW..YOU'RE THERE he gets a wee zap of reiki then chills...OOH..yawning.

He is buzzing with energy and very curious so I build some reiki around him and breath-down his energy. He starts to relax and gives a big shake while I give him an all over scan. Immediately pick up that his eyes are itchy, there is tension in the area of the saddle on the right and sore muscles around his left hip/stifle area which is causing a twist through his body along left side.

I go to his head, he's nearly sleeping...FEELS SO SOFT..his eyes are itchy and he has a localised headache above his eyes, just off centre to the left (as you look at him). There is a disturbance spreading down the front and round the bottom of his eyes - seems slightly irritated under the skin. I want to say pollen from conifers. I reiki this which helps and he images having eyes washed . (There is no nasal discharge which happens if sinus probs so close to eyes)

Start working down his left side: crest behind ear tense with discomfort going to jaw. Tension in muscles in front of shoulder running under scapula to front girth. very twitchy wither with tension running down shoulder to leg. Starts stamping front leg, has tension in knee and has been placing leg forward, not standing square; wants to 'crack' his knee.

His stomach is popping and fizzing, very fiery, digestion not smooth..holes/gaps/empty space lot's of gas...NEED FOOD..shows me hay. Muscles around stifle and pelvis tight. Psoas muscles and stifle need released. Muscles on inside hind leg sore this is causing tension in his fetlock turning hoof inwards.

I go back to his head and chat. He wants to do stuff..FUN..but feels a bit lost. ..WHAT'S THE POINT? try to tell him about learning and he says ...NOT WIN? meaning competitions. I explain sometimes it's competitions but sometimes not, like at the beach. Try to explain getting over fear by showing waves as scary monster and he laughs. He said..SEA HAS NO ENDING SO WHY GO IN? NICE SMELL, HELPED BREATH. Tell him learning is about growing up and show him foal size then getting bigger. He loves this and goes nuts charging around, showing off. He says his tummy gets sore, his pelvis feels better but right leg now feels wonky. He trots around then halts and says...I AM ME.

He snorts, shakes, rubs his face on his leg and wanders about licking and chewing. He then trots along with his head to the floor laughing!! He stands taking in Nature, the girls are watching him and his aura fills the area. He walks over all pink and green aura (heart chakra) and BOWS to me!!! before standing head to head with me. I ask him if he has any special message for you and he just explodes with an incredible wave of utter love for you as he turns to look in case you're there.

From the owner.

HOLLY SH*T!!! If I was in any doubt about reiki/communicating it has all gone (and yes in tears at the end!!!) You were totally spot on! He has been rubbing his head on me asking for scratches just above eyes off center to the left (the reason I was thinking something was wrong!!)

He has been stomping his front legs, while at play in the field and I had been watching from stables.

I am glad he is looking to go out and have FUN and the 'bow' is his party trick, after doing the liberty with him he adored doing this one

Thank you SO much you have no idea how much this means!!! Gonna go hug my sweetheart of a horse!!! R.C. Blairgowrie





    Time to go...


I know you have been wondering about the timing for April to leave so hope this helps.

The very first image I got was of the future. April was standing under a windswept tree with autumn colour leaves and rain blowing through. She was in great pain and horror and something really nasty was happening which she won't recover from. You don't want this to happen. You are right in your considerations: it would be wrong to leave her till after the leaves turn. And she knows.

When I make direct contact with her she just starts talking and says so much I have to ask her to slow down....

April said ' I have loved my life with K – we've had some fun (laugh). She is mine/me. She has always been kind and we horses do not know 'kind'. She is hurting, she is sad. Be strong.'

(She tells me that horses have no need for the concept of kindness as they have no opposite concept in their natural make-up)

There is purple light all around her head – purple is pure Spirit ' I am full of Spirit, it is how we know' that the end is near 'I thank her for this ' opportunity to be heard, to share. The bright sun hurts her eyes and is giving her headaches.

At this point the reiki just expands until it is all one with her own energy – and you're there too. I move from her head to her right side:

She loves watching the antics of the kids on the ponies and she loves the view from her home. She has felt safe and protected here. At her shoulder she is bathed in white (peace) and feels she has 'made her peace' with herself and others, it is a good time for goodbye.

As I move to her heart she images standing with you, with her head over your shoulder. She is surrounded by a huge green light (heart energy) and shares her love for you and feels your love and sorrow. She says 'Remember me in joy and the journeys we made together ' (image of her in trailer). Seed the joy (pass it on to the kids)

With in her body she has a problem internally, inside rib cage with in digestive/repro as well as one found. She knows this and feels discomfort and pressure. She is suffering a fair amount of pain through her back end but it is disguised by medication.

'When the leaves fall; that's the time'. Life is sweet'

To her left side I pick up that she is long-term tired but is too 'out of it' on meds to feel real pain. She says the reiki feels good. 'Thank K for our time, she is my life'

She is in a great deal of discomfort at her belly on this side and the reiki makes her fart. She laughs at this quite demurely 'pardon me'

She wants you to know that 'The love stays...'

With this came an image of her Release. This comes to me as a picture of the horse soaring through the sky and getting younger as it leaves, right back to foal size, until they return to the innocence of birth.

She is full of love for you and her life but she knows that her time is coming because she is surrounded by a rainbow of light. Her mind and heart are at peace.





Evie: Instantly pick up severe blockage over poll and forehead to eyes – dark green & black, nasty. She feels closed off to humans so ask for balance and openness placing hand on my own head, involuntary mouth stretch with pain dissipating through muscles over my face and the barrier released.

'No, no, no, go, go ...I am a horse....I am one of these...I am a horse tra la la...'

During this Evie skips away to be with the other horses, she is singing in a light, singsong voice. 'People not important...ha ha...I can do this..' as she goes cantering off full of the joy of being a horse.

She comes back and asks 'What is this?' meaning the reiki. She is sceptical but gives me permission to continue because it has made her head feel better.

Left side: wants big juicy mouthfulls of grass.'I got baby...I got baby.' She is pleased but seems confused and doesn't understand her role as mother. 'Baby's are nice..' Her back has been hurting which has blocked her energy but is better now. As the reiki works over her reproductive organs I feel a shift...'ooohh, strange feeling...yuk, yuk, but yes, better, better. I understand, milk Oh, didn't realise.'

She did not understand that she provided the milk that made baby grow and still seems unsure. Her pelvis is out of alignment.

As I move round behind her she suddenly feels very defensive and insecure so I reassure her that humans won't hurt her from behind.

Right side: Her pelvis and hip holding blocked energy which is released as Eve performs a long backward stretch of her hind leg whilst arching her neck strongly, she then shakes all over. There is a small presence of livid green colour in internal organs and she tells me,.'.sore to pee, sore, nippy'... I get a strong sense of anger.

I am aware of orange colour around belly and only feel a very slight maternal instinct in her...'.I am a me what to do'..she is happy but daunted, nursing feels strange to her. I explain that if she stands baby can feed and tell her it will get easier...'.baby grow, baby grow, yes'...she realises that her milk is what makes baby grow and wants this to happen, knows growth is life. She then asks if she can ...'play with friends ...too' so I tell her yes she can but baby needs her too. 'Yes, yes, I go,...Bye bye... I'm still listening.'..she goes over to baby...'this is my baby tra la la, this is my baby.' As baby starts to suckle it is uncomfortable for her..'.I try, I try.'..with a little more reiki she sighs..'.ooohh better, yes better...'




This is Katie four days old, she connects instantly so I say hallo. Eve. She gives a little giggle and it feels as if she is 'tasting' the word /speech in her mouth. Her consciousness is strongest in her mouth area.

She doesn't trust her legs yet and says that having a body is strange.

Right side: giggles and squirms laughing as reiki tickles, it feels like the energy of the human heart. Tummy uncomfortable and digestion laboured. (Bottled milk needs to be more diluted.) I put my hand on poll and feel surge of pure life energy WOW!!

Left side: she is smiley, happy, ticklish and canters off with a wee eve...




























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