'' Wow Natalie, that is spot on with the description of little Katie's injuries.  Vet put ointment in her eye and diagnosed a kick in the head around the ear area. Thank you so much. Please keep in touch with any other insights you can share.'' A.W.


'' I took her back to vet & insisted there was still something wrong - They agreed to do a steroid test for a week. Well, she was like a different pony!  Easy to tack up, ride & so willing. January she was operated on for kissing spine & had five spines shaved. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I insisted she was in pain somewhere &  needed help. We are getting on well. You helped me a lot. So thank you.'' M.A.


'' Thank you so much for your words of advice and guidance. Without it, it would have been so difficult. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I can see now why you love to work with horses in this way.'' J.C.


'' Delighted you have found out so much. Very interesting about black mass in the foot too, as again, my farrier is constantly going on about how much damage is bubbling away under the surface which no one knows about, so he will wring his hands in despair and delight at the same time!'' D.S.


'' Wow, Nat I am loving this! I am very intuitive, and so much of what you have said is in alignment with things I have felt rather than thought, so am pleased I can tune in, even if not able to pinpoint actual problem areas like you can.'' D.S.


'' OMG, I want to cry now! Just read your report,...my poor, poor horse. Please tell me anything I can do...I am in total despair for this boy right now...Great job Nat.'' D.S.


'' That's pretty amazing, she really doesn't like the farrier and he does smell!! "J.S.

'' HOLY SH*T!!! If I was in any doubt about reiki/communicating it has all gone (and yes in tears at the end). You were totally spot on! Thank you SO much you have no idea how much this means! Gonna go hug my sweetheart of a horse!!'' R.C.


'' I'm in tears reading this. what a wonderful reading.'' S.R.


'' I'm on the floor Natalie. thank you so much. my baby boy. ..can't believe he said that bout me. I'm away to give him a hug. Xxx '' M.G.


'' Thank you for the reading! It was very interesting. I feel I have a much better understanding of S now. I could definitely see a difference... She was much more relaxed than usual when I saw her yesterday and today, thank you again for everything! X'' E.B.


''Thank you so much Nat... that was brilliant and has helped me feel self assured she wants to spend her time with me. Many thanks again, x'' L.W.


'' Wow, thanks for your time. Poor guy, will pay more attention to that for sure. How long you been practising reading for, I'm impressed? x'' N.D.


'' Thank you so much for doing those. It's amazing how well you have got both their personalities.....'' W.K. 

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