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Do all horses accept reiki and react the same way?

The short answer seems to be Yes although some do show an initial reticence, just like people. I've yet to come across a horse who didn't take to it and enjoy the feeling once they realise it won't hurt and actually makes them feel better.

Horses react as individuals depending on their character and life experience. There is a distinct personality comes through with every horse just as we humans have distinct personalities.

The body language which shows the reiki energy has connected is generally consistent . Yawning, licking & chewing, and other signs of relaxation are usual and well documented.

There are many ways the horse can release blocked energy too by stretching, passing dung or urine, snorting and blowing. Reiki can be directed quite specifically, to help with a particular situation or behavioural problem, so outcomes vary depending on the focus.

How do you get reiki to work?

The easiest way to describe it is to say that having been attuned to reiki I act as a channel for the energy and focus it through my intent. Really I ask it to go where it will do most good  whether it's a physical problem or if the horse is stressed out or emotionally upset there are ways to focus on restoring mental balance too.  Depending on focus and intent reiki can be used to soothe past hurts or prepare for future events. 

All energy works at a quantum level and concepts of time and distance scew slightly! Reiki is often described as a healing energy but another way to consider it is as a balancer or tuner.

If an energy system (horse or human) is running out of synch, is in a state of dis-ease or disharmony, Reiki will work with the body to restore the system to normal, to a state of ease where body and mind are wholly, holistically, balanced.

What happens between you and the horse during a session?

A  reiki session begins by tuning into and scanning the whole body's energy field from as far away as feels appropriate. This is the aura of vibrational energy surrounding and containing the physical animal.

Scanning the aura gives me a good idea of the horses general state of being and often highlights acute stressors, mental or physical.  This is also the time for introducing the horse to reiki and allows me to read the horse's temperament and attitude before making physical contact.

All horses react differently at first and many are very surprised to be contacted at an energetic or 'spirit' level. Some are a little spooked, others can't wait to communicate. The aura is made up of layers of energy which I can see as colours around the horse and any damage or dis-ease can show as black areas within the healthy colour.

After scanning I approach the horse physically and bring the reiki energy closer. Depending on the horse I will either start by addressing any immediate concerns or work in a more general way to relax and reassure the horse. I then work slowly from the head down each side of the body, either with hands off or on depending on what I intuit, and finish back at the head for closure.

During the reiki I may feel tingling or heat in my hands and occassionally sympathetic pain or discomfort in my body. Pure emotion is relayed from the horse too, like anger or joy, and I feel this as it clears through me. Often I'm in tears as a horse releases negative emotions but I laugh with them too!

Generally an image will accompany strong emotions and I see these images as the horse remembers them, through their eyes. As the reiki works on problems in the horse I am aware of the flow of energies as the pain or emotional turmoil is released and  I feel the comfort that brings as a sense of ease.

While sharing the energetic aura of the horse my brain picks up on any harmonic vibrations  then through an open mind these manifest through the senses of my body . I see, hear, and feel the energetic vibrations through my bodily senses.

How does a Distance Reading work?

A Distance Reading is based on a the clairvoyant ability of Remote Viewing and is done through visualisation during deep meditation.  Think of it as taking a step out of the physical plane to the purely energetic level of existence which is accessed through the mind. During the Remote Viewing I connect with the horse and send Reiki as normal.

Having a picture of the horse I'm working on gives me a focus for visual energy, I can see it in my mind's eye and connect with the harmonic vibration of the horse directly at an energetic level. It's a bit like riding a wave of intent and allowing your mind to be free enough to go with it and 'land' on contact.

When I do make contact I have a sense of being with the horse in real time, and share the energy of the place surrounding us, seeing the field or stable. I hold the feeling and visual interpretation of the energy flow and proceed with the reiki treatment within the visualisation just as I would if we were meeting on the physical plane.

During a reading the horse receives a full reiki treatment, the same as real life but with certain differences in the way I pick up and interpret the energies. My sense of sight is stronger in that I can see deeper, under skin to tissue and bone and any patterns of disturbed energy underlying the surface so I can focus the reiki where it is most needed.  Also at this level my mind interprets more language vibration which I hear, in my head , as speech.

I also experience language vibration when working with horses on the ground but like my sense of vision it seems accentuated when working at a distance. Perhaps having  a stronger link to the harmonics of vision and language  makes up for not having the physical receptors of my hands and body present.

The horse reacts to both to my presence and the reiki received in much the same way as during a ground session. As I hold the vibrations the visual image unfurls and I see the horse stretch or pee, or whatever the reaction is. More than once I have compared notes with an owner at the other end of the country and heard that the horse actually did the stretches or other guestures that I witnessed during a Distance Reading. 

How does a Distance Reading differ from sending Reiki Healing?

The method I use is different from when doing a Reading and consists of sending pure reiki energy to the horse without making personal contact or working through a visualisation.

The reiki is sent as pure energy with the intent of doing the most good for the horse and I set the intent to pass on as little or as much reiki as the horse needs in one session. Think of it as the horse getting a shower of reiki energy which is a brilliant follow up to a Reading or an excellent adjunct to on going vet treatment but remember to ask the vet's approval first.

Traditionally three sessions, each about a week apart, are considered necessary to balance out any problems and as with my Readings I have feed back from owners of the immediate effect on the horse receiving treatment.

What would you say to horse owners thinking of getting attuned to reiki?

Go for it! Having been attuned for nearly a decade I can't imagine not having the tools reiki brings and I use it on my horses every day. It can help them get used to new situations and changes around the yard, highlight and ease stiffness and discomfort before and after a ride, and soothe the nerves of flighty youngsters or those who have suffered abuse and carry psychological trauma.

In the longer term all the horses I've had have become adept at letting me know when reiki is what they want and even if the reason isn't obvious I'll know what's up by the end of the session. Reiki really makes a huge difference to the level of communication between horses and humans and that in itself is invaluable.






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