About me


Having enjoyed an extensive equestrian education throughout my teens, I sat my BHSAI shortly before my eighteenth birthday. While working at a large equine facility on the Scottish borders, an initial focus on coaching broadened into retraining point-to-point horses and producing eventers and show hunters. It was around this time that I became aware of having an intuitive, energetic empathy to the raw emotions that horses experience.

Leaving the competition world behind I settled in the Scottish Highlands, developing a successful trail riding business where I managed to rehab several ex-competition horses.  I was also coaching local horse owners, dealing with staff, and many diverse customers, which motivated me to take training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, augmenting previous academic study into psychology and communications.

After assisting animal welfare authorities break a horrific case involving over twenty horses, I became involved with the training and rehabilitation of the animals rescued by the ILPH in Aboyne. Working with unhandled horses was the perfect opportunity to realise that many NLP precepts apply to horses as well as humans, and can be integrated into training systems to ease communication. Reading subtle body language, watching breathing patterns and matching energy states are as relevant to horses as they are to humans.

It was then, during the early nineties, that I was introduced to natural horsemanship methods, both Monty Roberts and Parelli. My interest was piqued, which led to years of further study into these techniques. I incorporated many of these concepts into my handling of horses and continue to do so to this day.  However, I do not follow any particular method and am more interested in training which uses positive reinforcement, considering the comfort of the horse at all times.

Over twenty years ago, I became aware that my psychic abilities had opened to a new level of interspecies communication. My telepathic skills flourished, and I found I could intuit the thoughts of horses. This continuing development of telepathic ability was the result of a deliberate search for understanding into my life-long psychic experiences. An extensive quest for knowledge, including twenty years of study through a druidic college, had developed my psychic abilities. Now I could intuit the emotional and physical state of the horses (and humans) around me, 'training' took on a very different meaning.

Continuing to work with traumatised animals pushed me to do more to help the horses in my care. Desperate to help more with the psychological trauma horses suffered, I discovered the healing benefits of Reiki. For the last fifteen years, this unique practice has continued to astound me. By working at the physical, mental and energetic levels, Reiki gently clears holistic trauma trapped in the body as it helps relieve the mind and emotions.

After a lifetimes dedication to the care of horses and with over twenty years of experience in telepathic-interspecies communication and Reiki practice, I feel honoured to have been given this opportunity to help the horses who share our lives.





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