Equine Communication


The report I send will be a detailed description of what happens while I am with your horse. That may sound strange to some, but I do spend time with your horse, where ever the horse may be, in an energetic form. To some, this is astral travel or spirit-walking, and I am aware of having a distinct energy-body during the process and connect with the energy-body of the horse.

My perception changes, and the physical constraints of my senses no longer apply. This is what we term extra-sensory perception. Without physical restrictions, the energy-bodies meet and meld, continually flowing with information which I can sense telepathically. This information contains echoes of the thoughts, feelings and memories of your horse.

My report will contain everything I see, feel and hear during the reading truthfully and honestly.  I will give you a description of what I see and feel when I scan the body for health and the emotions and inferences which your horse shares. Extra-sensory vision allows me to see through skin, or muscle and I can ask to share the condition of the animal for clarity. The horses are fully engaged in the process. They will use pure emotion as communication if they don't know how else to get their point across. Many use simple words directly backed by emotion for clarity.

The report may seem peppered with equine impossibilities; your horse is smiling, she's crying, he just shrugged. This is simply the human physiological equivalent of the attitude or feeling behind whatever your horse expressed. The message is in the emotions conveyed.

Sometimes a horse can be mirroring the symptoms or behaviour of the owner or other familiars and share personal information. They may not be enjoying something you do and be quite direct about telling you.  Do a little soul searching. Consider it a message from your best friend. There is never any moral judgement attached, just their heartfelt expression. 

Spirit-walking with your horse is an honour, an intimate experience and each animal is approached with reverence. As the session progresses, there will be a natural release of trauma which can help your horse emotionally and physically. To further these effects, I bring Reiki energy to the session, to soothe ailments and encourage a sense of peace and calm.




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