Having visited the Exracehorse Rehoming & Rehabilitation Centre near Inverurie, I agreed to perform a Distance Healing session on one of the horses when I got home, taking a photo off the web. Below are the notes I took while doing the Reading followed by the owner's reply. 

Unknown Horse, although I suspect I met him briefly in the field.

Walking up to field from stables, he's bored and wants to run

He realises I'm there and gets a fright, shying slightly. Ok to continue.

He thinks the field is cold, his stable was warm.

Head tic to left, discomfort down the right side of face from the poll area.

Loves the view from the field, and the feel of wet, cold grass on his face. Soothing. Loves having his face washed!

Left side: problem in wither area, 'grisly' knot of muscle blocking energy moving down leg. Knee tight over the front.  Image of a black rod running down length leg through the foot. Too much weight in this foot. This front leg is longer than the other.

Top of his back from withers, very blocked longissimus muscle (both sides but this side worse)

Pectoral muscles tight, release with massage between front legs & front chest.

Hip and stifle connection loose.

Tightness in rump at semitendinosus muscle area. Tight down hamstrings.

Small area damage hock, front aspect, low; fetlock joint damage

Right side: Discomfort down the side of face and jaw. Problem around axis & 3rd/4th cervical vertebra, carrying discomfort through to shoulder, then elbow and chest, causing a restriction in limb movement. Elbow & chest area worse this side. Leg locked short at front of the forearm and is carried lightly. Distortion to gait: leg swinging from knee and slap foot flat to floor.

Longissimus muscle over saddle area tense but not as bad as otherside.  Body awareness of right hand side poor.

Internal discomfort – urinary? Strong awareness of gender and self. Gentleman Jim type, no-nonsense attitude. Carries dock slightly to one side.

Damage to hip joint.

Slight swelling to back of fetlock

At this point he clicks a couple of vertebra in his neck, twitches his head a couple of times, does big stretches and neck bends which bring some relief. A strong image of him falling to knees, kneck and head stretched out when galloping; walloped. Had very business-like attitude to jumping. Image of him racing and horse cuts him up on way into jump 'Bastard! Show you', gives it guns on takeoff, adjusting positioning perfectly. Jockey in front wears green and yellow colours. See horse handled by older groom/lad. Jake.

He likes, cold, wetness in mouth??? and wet food. More face washing!

Discomfort in ears, itchy, likes them pulled and squeezed.


DM from the owner on FB Sat 5th May 2012

Loving your reiki session.

Am mortified he has so much stiffness and blocked energy flows etc, but not at all surprised. And yes I know he is very, very bored..he is mentally very alert and likes to be doing.

There are quite a few comments you have made that I recognise too so am impressed.

I would love for you to do them all, I could keep you busy for a long time!!



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